Debrief: Solstreet Market

On July 29th, Good Journey made its first presence at a pop up market. Solstreet is a marketplace that curate and list local handmade and sustainable brands. Their aim is to support local artists, makers, and encourage people to buy local. Good Journey decided to be a part of this pop-up shop because we support LOGAL for these reasons:

  1. Buying local means investing in your immediate community.
  2. Buying local reduces your shipping cost financially and environmentally.
  3. Buying local encourages transparency in its supply chain by being physically near the production.

We sold our partner products and Pepplish Provisions' Peach Agave Hot Sauce were the best seller! Sign up for our newsletter HERE and get updates on our next events.

One of our goals was to meet other local brands, build relationships, and support each other. So here are a few that we had a chance to meet! Check out their sites and replace conventional brands with these local brands that have a mission. 

The name says it all.  Founder Mo sources her materials from local and statewide makers to create tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks, travel bags, or dopp kits!  Mo appreciates the personal relationship developed when sourcing materials closeby because she understands where she fits in the process and enjoys a slower turnaround rate.  Mo’s parents were artists who inspired her to create a company to immerse and surround herself by creative minds.  Each bag is handmade, water resistant, and tested for sturdiness to uphold heavy weight.  Some bags are lined with waxed canvas for an extra water protectant, and if bags are damaged Mo will repair them for a small fee.  You can shop her bags at

Who doesn’t love handmade jewelry?  Maker Daniell Hudson specializes in wedding jewelry offering customization!  Initially, Daniell worked for a mass producing jewelry company but found their ethical values problematic in sourcing materials.  This lead her to source pieces locally and maintain sustainability as much as possible, though she claims of the difficulty in maintaining 100% sustainability.  Instead she works where she can, growing her metal spinning passion into her own jewelry company.  You can shop her website at or follow her Instagram “daniell_hudson.”

Looking for some fun new chokers to add to your summer?  Ali and Courtney are known for their uniquely made denim chokers, recycled from old denim jeans and hand pulled at the ends for a stylish fringed look.  Attached to some are various charms used from old leftover accessory boxes from jewelry stores Claire’s and Icing, shaped to look like vintage emojis, donuts or pizzas!  You can purchase plain denim, denim with charms, and floral styles used from different fabrics!  Find their products on Etsy with “letmechokeyou” or follow their Instagram “”

Based in Peekskill, New York Lysa uses ceramics and letterpressing to create jewelry and home decor pieces. With her nearly 100 year old iron press she letterpresses to create witty cards for all occasions. Her entire clay pieces use letter macaroni pasta and fires them in the kiln together. The pieces can be customized to be wall pieces, necklaces, or desk decorations. Using cheese cloth she changes the texture of the clay and uniquely glazes each piece.

How to facial care?  After discovering damaging ingredients in skincare products, Olio decided to create plant-based skincare products made with herbs to keep our skin healthy!  They found that “less is more” selling their five ingredient lip balm, facial moisturizers or wellness sprays.  Their skin care products exclude parabens, sulfates, preservatives, artificial coloring or animal testing, instead it contains natural essential oils from the scents that they use in their products.  You can shop their products at

Shoutout to animation lovers!  Solo artist Melissa describes her artwork as “random and quirky doodling” with donuts pillows, cactus pins and hamburger weight lifting cards!   Melissa graduated college majoring in graphic design, and has been an apparel graphic artist for the past ten years.  Inspired by other pop-up shops, Melissa decided to move to NYC from LA to begin her own career in selling her own doodling material at low prices.  You can follow her Instagram to see where her pop-ups will be at “summerporvida.”

Need some cute booties for those baby showers? Or home goods for some newlyweds? Look no further than Taryn Urushido, who hand crochets her purses, basket, and baby booties from birth to 12 months. With a background in accessory design, she left Marc Jacobs to start her own line of accessories. Taryn sources her leather which make up the bases of her projects from italian hides in Los Angeles. In her studio, she hand cuts the leather so that she can work with different material to create all her goods. Her jute comes from Mexico, while her jersey comes from Korea, and her alpaca wool from Italy. She also hold workshops that for beginners to newbies, Monday thru Friday.


There were so many more vendors, but here are a few to highlight for your musings.

Written by Jade Gleason.
Edited by Flora Baik.

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