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Good Journey / making stewrads

Do you have a social justice mindset and a compassionate heart? Do you have a passion for any—I mean, all—of the following: education, the visual arts, technology, and environmental and social justice? If so, come join a team full of world-changers.

Good Journey is a social enterprise that exists to educate, compel, and celebrate individual consumers and businesses that strive to better steward their resources daily. We are currently building our network/community by featuring weekly articles from local heroes all over the world, increase demand for our partners products at pop up shops, and consult businesses to change their business practices.

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Research intern (Summer 2018)

Good Journey is looking for a researcher to unpack big concepts in stewardship. The research will combine information from journal papers, reports, publicly available data, and news stories to support a nuanced and scientifically sound script for our soon-to-be-launched online course. Researcher must be able to read closely and critically, understand/detect bias, and put together a coherent story on the topic of interest. Primary responsibilities will include performing research on a topic, writing the results into a narrative/educational form, determining priority content based on research findings, and working closely with the course designers for feedback and animation team to accurately communicate the intent behind the narrative.


  • Familiarity with Google Scholar or Web of Knowledge

  • Ability to read and understand original research in many different topics

  • Eagerness to learn about the topics & strive to be a steward yourself!

  • High fluency and mastery in English writing

  • Excellent communication skills & ability to accept feedback and edit accordingly


  • Filling out outlines into complete, well-researched narrative scripts

  • Suggest what may be missing from outlines based on the Researcher’s findings & results

  • Work closely with course designers and animation team for flow

  • Report tasks and accomplishments daily

  • Minimum commitment  for at least 4 months (until December 2017)

  • Attend weekly company meetings weekly

marketing intern (summer 2018)

Good Journey is looking for a creative marketer with an interest in design. The intern must possess an eye for detail, holistic vision, and creative mindset. Primary responsibilities will include visualizing information in an engaging, accessible way and strategizing marketing plans to widely reach our potential members.


  • Expertise with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro highly preferred, but not required

  • Eagerness to learn & strive to be steward yourself!

  • Self-starter attitude with projects and ideas

  • Professionalism & ability to practice radical candor


  • Translating content visually into storyboards

  • Work closely with research team and marketing team for consistent style and vision

  • Strategize and execute marketing plans with the co-founders

  • Report tasks and accomplishments daily

Please send your portfolio (if necessary), 2-3 pieces of your writing sample, and resume to Flora <>. Please contact <> for further questions/inquiries.


Summer 2017 Interns

Erica Cheung

Jade Gleason

Gloria Park