A Day in the Life: Videri Chocolate Factory

In case you haven't heard, Good Journey has a massive case of chocolate fever. This Valentine's Day, we're challenging you through our #LoveWider campaign to think differently about your chocolate purchases. We've partnered with Videri Chocolate Factory, a bean-to-bar chocolate company, to bring you responsibly sourced (and not to mention tasty!) chocolate. 

Mark Ratto, who you may recognize as the author from last week's article on the bean-to-bar boom, gives us the lowdown on what a day in the life is like at the Videri Chocolate Factory.

Tell me more about Videri.

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, this group of taste pleasers receives over 15-tons of raw cocoa from source farms in South America and parts of East Africa. They then process that raw product into what is commonly described as a "perfectly balanced" dark chocolate. The cocoa beans are responsibly sourced through relationships that the head chocolate maker has developed. And then he meticulously observes all aspects of the process in his factory from start to finish.

Where do the ingredients come from? 

Videri only uses cocoa from Fair Trade-certified operated farms in source countries that sit at the right altitude to produce high quality cocoa. They also use locally sourced sugar and dehydrated milk powder to complete the different varieties of chocolate. Seasonal flavors like the highly touted 75% Dark Chocolate with Blueberries use ingredients grown and processed from a local farm. 

Who are the owners? 

Videri was founded in 2012 by a husband and wife team, Sam and Starr Ratto. Together they birthed the dream of running a transparent operation that uses only high quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. Since the beginning, Sam has hustled to produce the chocolate while Starr, the expert taster, won over the local crowds with free samples at the front counter. The samples are still at the front counter, but both Sam and Starr’s roles have grown and evolved since the first year. They have added a coffee bar, a confectioner’s station, and purchased several machines to help scale the business and account for the growing demand. In the midst of managing Videri’s marketing and branding, Starr still gladly hands out samples every day from behind the counter while Sam works with his production staff to constantly improve the chocolate making process. 

How can I make an impact?

When you purchase Fair Trade-certified products over conventional ones, you are choosing to empower the makers and producers of the chocolate that respect people and the environment. Until February 14th, for every 2 chocolate bars purchased through Good Journey, we will be giving 1 chocolate bar to workers of all parts of the chocolate production. Buy yours here today.

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