Buying new habits. New buying habits.

Gracie Leung

Hometown: Livingston, NJ

Gracie is currently a junior Fashion Merchandising major at the University of Delaware. She is passionate about Jesus, art, music, and making the world a better place. She hopes to pursue a career in the fashion industry working with creative artists and producers around the world.

Gracie believes that every human being on this earth is valued and cherished, that every piece of nature and our environment is sacred. Our consumption directly influences the kind of world we want to live in, so Gracie is passionate about making this world a beautiful place through the care and kindness of our actions, first starting with conscious consumption.

3 words your friends would describe you: Happy-go-lucky, Caring, Kind

Instagram: @graciegraciegracieee


Pinky Chan

Hometown & Current City: New York, NY

She is a connector for social good, Marketing Manager for Elegantees and 4-year Dressember Advocate

People mean a lot to me and most importantly, we are called to take responsibility and have accountability for what God has entrusted us with in each of our lives.

3 words your friends would describe you: Passionate, Encouraging, Empowering



Instagram: @pinkytwinkieee


Rachel Payne


Hometown & Current City: Manassas, VA


Rachel loves challenging myself in yoga, drinking toffeenut lattes and going on thrill seeking adventures with friends! Graduate (sadly) of JMU 15.5' with my amazing major, Global Justice Studies. Lover of Jesus, justice, babies, and making people laugh.

Rachel cares about stewardship because she believes that God has given us the responsibility to take care of others and the environment with the resources He gives us.

3 Words her friends would describe her? Adventurous, loyal, happy

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Tim Fraczack

Tim is a budding entrepreneur based in NYC.

As a Christian business owner, I believe God has given me the responsibility to beneficially create and shape the community and environment around my business.

Hometown: Ridge, NY

Current City: Queens Village, NY

3 words your friends would describe you? Patient, Considerate, Silly


Do it for the Insta: @pepplish

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