Rainforest Alliance

Should you look for it? 

Yes, but don’t let it be the one thing you look for as a certification.

While shopping for... what? 

Coffee, Bathroom Tissue, Soap, Chocolate, Office Supplies, Flowers & Plants, Health & Beauty


It promotes Environmental sustainability through land-use practices, business practices, and consumer behavior. Rainforest Alliance trains farmers, foresters, and tourism entrepreneurs on minimizing their environmental impacts while earning stable incomes. It’s an accessible way to choose items that promote the protection of the environment while shopping in places you normally shop. 

Which issues does it address? 

  1. Forests
  2. Wildlife
  3. Communities
  4. Climate
  5. Food & Farming
  6. Human Rights

Are there any caveats?

The Rainforest Alliance seal can be used even if products contain only 30% of certified content.

Any brands I might recognize already certified?

  • Naked Juice - Juice
  • Tom's of Maine - Soap
  • Charmin - Bathroom Tissue
  • Seventh Generation - Diapers, Training Pants, Bathroom Tissue, Facial Tissue
  • Lipton - Tea
  • Magnum - Chocolate
  • P&G - Bathroom Tissue, Facial Tissue
  • Stevia One - Stevia
  • Lavazza - Coffee
  • 7-Eleven - Coffee
  • Grandpa Soap Co. - Soap, Skin, Hair Care
  • Breyers - Ice Cream
  • Allegro Coffee Co. - Coffee
  • Clif Bar - Nutrition Bars, Chocolate
  • Costco - Flowers & Plants, Coffee, Tea

How many companies/countries are a part of this?

78 countries in North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

727 companies in their product directory.